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North East Coachlines – Wade John

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Just so you know what sort of person you are dealing with in Wade John from North East Coachlines.

Read what the ‘The Australian’ newspaper has to say about him..

Wade John – North East Coachlines

THE man spotted bonking on a Darwin balcony is a bankrupt tourism operator whose former company owed more than $2 million to Northern Territory businesses.

Former Top End Escapes boss Wade John was slapped with a $120 fine and charged for indecent behaviour within view of the public after the NT News yesterday published images and a video of the man and his partner engaged in sex acts on a Darwin apartment balcony on Wednesday afternoon.

If you missed out on the video… click here to watch it

His partner in crime is yet to be identified.

Mr John refused to comment yesterday, telling the NT News to “f..k off”.

Top End Escapes ceased trading in November last year when Mr John filed for bankruptcy. Robert Naudi from its trustee PPB Chartered Accountants said at the time Top End Escapes owed $2.3 million, had $600,000 in assets and was owed $140,000.

Mr John reportedly went to ground after the failure of his business hit the Territory tourism industry.

But yesterday’s article put him back in the limelight.

The story received almost 200,000 hits within 10 hours on and newspapers around the country reported on the event.

Not someone I’d be trusting to drive my passengers around.

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